About Our Pastor

Daniel is a third generation Southern baptist and a son of a Southern Baptist Pastor, he is 10 of 11 children. A product of a broken home, parents divorced when he was age 5. He lived in extreme poverty, experienced many hardships and struggles. He had two alcoholic step-fathers making life a huge challenge. despite the odds he was only one of five of his siblings to graduate from high school and later to attend college. His wife and he, had three children and she brought one child into the marriage from a previous marriage.

Their youngest Child passed away in 2003 at age 5 of a brain tumor. He battled this tumor for one year until his death, almost leading Daniel to give up the ministry, but with the Lord’s leading and guidance he over came his grief with more excitement for the Lord. Daniel and Julie has lead all four of their children to the Lord.

Daniel L. Johnson, Pastor, answered my call in 1994, first pastorate in 1995. Has been a pastor at several churches across central Illinois, has been interim and pulpit supply for many churches in Illinois. Has served in the church in various positions since 1990. Has been very evangelistic and led many to Christ over the years, served on various Association committees over the years, and served as Rehoboth Brother Director several  years ago, and presently serves on two committees and as the Associational Moderator of the Rehoboth Baptist Association.

Pastor Dan’s vision for Immanuel came while at a Sunday School Director conference in green-lake Wisc…God gave vision of this new church plant, and after many years of prayer and leading of God…this church is beginning to be birthed… Daniel has always been bi-vocational and served many jobs, electrician, factory maintenance, a degree in social work, and presently works on a farm.   He has served on many committees and done a lot of volunteer work with various agencies; including on the board for the ACS relay for life of Christian county.   Daniel and his family started, organized and ran the Pana Clothing and resource center in Pana which served about 30,000 people a year, providing clothing, house ware items and furniture free of charge…also assisting many people with permanent housing, school supplies,  and Christmas gifts. Daniel and his wife accepted a couple civic awards for doing this ministry and were the grand marshals in the Pana Labor day parade.


Despite all of our struggles and hardships…God has taken these trials to use as a ministry to assist others with their struggles and to assist them to get through it…

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